La revista B-Style habla de nuestra Joyería y entrevista a Quelo Roca

En un mundo cambiante como el actual, la idea de lujo se ha trivalizado. Sin embargo, lo que diferencia a J. Roca Joyeros es que siguen creyendo que el lujo debe ser algo especial, se debe cuidar e innovar y debe ser único. Por ello, promueven el lujo con un estilo propio y lo brindan de forma exclusiva a cada persona que entra por la puerta de la Joyería.

J. Roca Joyero – The customer seeks exclusivity.

What sets J. Roca Jewellers apart in an everchanging world where the idea of luxury has been trivialized, is that they keep believing in a kind of luxury that is unique and that they create with a style of their own.

Rogelio Roca represents the fourth generation in a row to be in charge of this prestigious and traditional house based in Barcelona. “I am the fourth generation, and I had the fortune of living with the two previous ones, absorbing the very best of each of them. I embody the business continuity, and that is the added value I can provide”, he proudly affirms, aware of belonging to a company that has played a major role in the history of Catalan jewellery.

A history with a name of its own that started in 1888 with Jacinto Roca Fuster. “The philosophy of J. Roca Jewellers is continuity”, is its fourth generation present statement. After over 125 years, the house values still consist of exquisite care and an ongoing commitment, so as to ensure that the customer always feels pampered and supported”, Rogelio Roca says with confidence.

Care and service go way beyond the creation, crafting and sale of a piece of jewellery. “Whatever problem the customer may have, whatever situation he may encounter or question that may arise, and the different solutions we can present him with… we build an intimate relationship together that lasts until the customer decides to end it”, the owner goes on to say.

Exclusivity, dedication and originality is what each client who enters the door of J.Roca Jewellers gets, from beginning to end.

An experience that is very easy to elucidate since, as Rogelio Roca himself explains, “when a customer walks into our jewellery store, he finds a product line that is very distinct, compared to what he may find in other kind of stores. Basically, because we create the jewel from the very beginning and we manufacture it in our own facilities”. The experts choose their own gems and brilliant-cut diamonds, and carry out the entire process of creating a jewel, from the first to the last s tep, all by themselves. “Therefore, if a client has previously visited other jewellery stores, he will appreciate every specific aspect that make our product different”

Here we can see a necklace, bracelet, ring and earrings arranged in an exquisite set that J. Roca Jewellers proposes as a new launch for this season .

“What we have on the table is an exquisite piece, featuring a superior quality pavé set, that reminds us of the style that used to characterize Roca at the turn of the century, from the 1.920s to the 1.930’s.

This is a piece that we could describe as Deco. We have imbued it with movement through the repetition of elements, and we have paved it with brilliant-cut diamonds of the highest quality in a very subtle way.

Within the remaining empty space, we have placed a group of rubies from Burma, that have been slightly tilted in order to achieve a sense of motion, so that the piece does not appear static.”

The price is around € 40,000 for the necklace, € 15,000 for the bracelet, € 7,000 for the ring and about € 8,000 for the earring set.

“We are the tailors of jewellery in Barcelona”, Rogelio Roca defines. “This is how we want to contribute to the world of our craft, where one can find such a wide selection, and so many purchasing opportunities. This means that we take care of the product from beginning to end, and that we will maintain an ongoing relationship with the customer until he decides to end it”.


“Over the last decade, brilliant-cut diamonds have been a star product, but lately single colour is going out of fashion. In terms of colour, people want something more joyous now. Society is emerging from a deep crisis and we realize that customers are starting to appreciate once again our creations with rubies, sapphires and emeralds. It has been almost ten years since our clients didn’t express themselves through this kind of colours, this joy, this daring”.

“Currently, we are the first ones to work with the Rolex collection in Barcelona” (Rogelio Roca)



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